Administration Information

The Administrative body of Harris County Government is the Harris County Commissioners Court. In turn, each of the four county commissioners is charged with maintaining and operating a division of administration and administrative services within their precinct.

Harris County Precinct One Administrative Services are responsible for the operations and management of budgets, payroll, personnel, purchasing, public information systems, and all other services and support functions involving the Precinct. The Commissioner's multi-level staff operates all Precinct One programs with authorized assistance from various county departments, including the functions of the community aides who, by design, are housed in Precinct One neighborhood area office sites for better accessibility in assisting residents with county and other local services.

Senior Management Group

Harris County Precinct One Commissioner's 'Senior Management Group' (SMG) consists of three directors charged with the responsibility to make policy and procedural recommendations to the Commissioner and to carry out the missions of Precinct One through a variety of key leadership functions.

Judy Springer, 713-991-6881 extension 1102

Director, has over 30 years experience with Harris County.  Prior to joining Precinct One as Controller in 1990, Judy was employed with the County as an Auditor, Budget Analyst, and Risk Management Analyst.  She currently has oversight of Accounting, Budget, Purchasing, Capital Projects, Human Resources, Information Technology, Parks, and Road and Bridge Managers.

Dorothy M.L. Washington, 713-755-6111

Director, has more than 25 years experience in Harris County Administrative government. She manages executive correspondence services and constituent inquiries/issues; oversight of after-school youth program managers and senior community aide manager; oversight of precinct's county board appointments; downtown office management and court agenda submissions.  An additional 25 years combined previous experience in secondary education, legal office management, and state veterans housing loan program. 


Downtown Main Office
1001 Preston Ave, Ste 950
Houston, Texas 77002


El Camino Office
2727 El Camino Street
Houston, Texas 77054


Cavalcade Annex 36
3815 Cavalcade Street
Houston, Texas 77026


El Rio Service Center
7901 El Rio Street
Houston, Texas 77054


Hardy Service Center
11801 West Hardy Road
Houston, Texas 77076


1413 Westheimer Road
Houston, Texas 77006

Mickey Leland Annex 31

7400 North Shepherd Drive
Houston, Texas 77091