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800 Precinct One seniors celebrate the holidays at 2 events

Precinct One hosted two holiday celebrations for 800 seniors – one in the north at Julia C. Hester House and another in the south at Tom Bass Community Center. Dressed in festive red, white and green attire, the precinct’s Seniors Program participants enjoyed live Christmas jazz and a holiday lunch.

At both events, seniors help some less-fortunate people by bringing nonperishable food that later was donated to St. John’s United Methodist Church’s food pantry.  

The event at Tom Bass included seniors from that facility and the El Franco Lee (EFL) Community Center. The Hester House event included participants from that center as well as others from Deussen Park, Finnigan Park, Hardy Seniors Center and Lincoln Park.

Each center offers a variety of programs during the week that include line dancing, exercises, gardening, hobbies and games.

Bobby Hurst and his wife, Tina, who attend Deussen’s programs, said the holiday season is a special time to enjoy family and friends.  “And it’s no better time for giving and appreciating,” the husband said.

Said Tina Hurst: “(We will) reach out to the community and try to give something back to the community.”

Raquel Castillo of Hardy said “Christmas is the best season of the year” and she’s looking forward to celebrating with friends and family.  

Huyen Tran, who attended the Tom Bass celebration with his wife, Tuy Le, said the event put them in the holiday spirit.

“It’s a very wonderful and a very happy (celebration),” said Tran, who attends EFL. “I’m looking forward to next year in 2017.”

Calvin Labbe, who participates at Tom Bass, said this was his first holiday event.

“Man, this is fantastic. It’s great. Hey, you can’t beat this. You got hospitality and a great environment,” he said.