Brays Bayou

Trail Information

Trail Hours
Dawn to dusk

Approximate Address
5120 Calhoun Road
Houston, Texas 77021

Patrolled By
Harris Co. Sheriff's Office

Trail Distance

Total Distance 
(End to end):  13.75 miles 
(8.4 mi within Precinct One)

Total Trail Miles 
(Including north and south bank segments): 17.9 miles 
(12.6 mi within Precinct One)

Trail Segments 
Calhoun Rd to
Scott St. - 1.0 mi

Scott St. to 
Hwy 288 - 1.5 mi

Hwy 288 to
Holcombe Blvd. - 1.4 mi

Holcombe Blvd. to
Greenbriar 1.0 mi 

Main St. to
Buffalo Speedway - 1.0 mi

Greenbriar to
Buffalo Speedway - 1.3 mi

Buffalo Speedway to
Stella Link Rd. - 1.2 mi

Stella Link to
Hwy 610 - 1.3 mi

S. Gessner Rd. to
Bissonnet St. - 0.3 mi

S. Gessner Rd. to
S. Braeswood Blvd - 0.3 mi

Important Notice

Sections of the trail shown in light blue are maintained by Harris County Precinct Three. Some amenities shown on the map below, such as parks and public parking areas are not owned or maintained by Harris County and are shown only for your convenience.

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