Capital Improvement Projects
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ProjectTypeAddressAddress Line 2DescriptionStatusEst Completion Date
Beamer Road Dixie Farm Rd. to Tall Ships Ln. Improve existing 2-lane asphalt roadway with ditch drainage to a 4-lane concrete roadway with ditch drainageDesignDecember, 2017
Barbara Jordan Park Community CenterBuilding6400 Winfield RoadHouston, TX 77050New Community CenterDesignAugust, 2016
Lincoln ParkBuilding979 Grenshaw StreetHouston, TX 77088Expansion of Community CenterPreliminary EngineeringUndetermined
Tom Bass Community BuildingBuilding15108 Cullen Blvd.Houston, TX 77047Mural RestorationPreliminary EngineeringDecember, 2016
Tom Bass Park (Section I)Building3452 Fellows RoadHouston, TX 77047New Park Offices and Community CenterPreliminary EngineeringAugust, 2016
El Franco Lee Park Community CenterBuilding9500 Hall RoadHouston, TX 77089Expand entrance lobby area, renovate arts and crafts room, break room, offices and add windowsDesignAugust, 2016
Blue Ridge ParkParkBlue Ridge RoadAt West Orem DrivePark Master PlanDesignCompleted
Cavalcade "Annex 36" Community CenterPark3815 CavalcadeHouston, TX 77026New Community CenterDesignOctober, 2016
Challenger 7 ParkPark2301 West Nasa BoulevardWebster, TX 77598Park Master PlanDesignUndetermined
Challenger 7 Park: Water Line ProjectPark2301 West Nasa BoulevardHouston, TX 77598Conversion from well water to surface water, repairs to boardwalkConstruction to begin May, 2016July, 2016
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